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Dubai A Hub of Tourism & Luxury Hotels Arabian Courtyard Hotel & Spa à Bur Dubaï

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Dubai A Hub of Tourism & Luxury Hotels Arabian Courtyard Hotel & Spa

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Dubai A Hub of Tourism & Luxury Hotels

Février 26 2020
Découvrez Dubaï

Dubai, the heart of the UAE’s Tourism Industry

Dubai is recognized as an associate degree amusement hub, better-known for its searching malls, attractions, and luxury hotels in Dubai. Once a little economic pivot, urban centers have become a world touristy spot for business and leisure through the infrastructure developed to cater to those markets.

For forty-two years have passed, and the UAE has created its mark within the world as the number one tourist destination. The UAE has created airlines, like Emirates and Etihad Airways, airports, a railway station, searching malls, and significant alternative lures like hotels in Bur Dubai.

Earlier this year, the urban center launched Vision 2020, which involves attracting twenty million visitors to urban centers by 2020, from ten million visitors in 2012, and increasing the annual contribution created by tourism to the city’s economy.

Dubai: Tourism Industry & Economic Development

Multiplier Effect of tourism

Travel plays a vital role and an imperative driver for sustainable economic development through different international visits either for leisure, personal or for business and medical. It brings much revenue that can be seen by 3.2% of contribution in global GDP while considering the indirect investments; the multiplier effects come up to 10.2% share to global GDP.

Food & Accommodation Services

Similarly, tourists coming here are having either private stay at their relatives or going to have one night or more stay at luxury hotels in Dubai or Hotels in Bur Dubai, which is increasing with every year passed. Recently, in 2017 it was seen that these services contributed 4.9% to the GDP.

Diversification in Economic Growth

With an initiative of intra-country tourism and energy exports, this place is linking all the aspects driving economic development by giving opportunities to potential businesspeople by opening new channels for investment or building magnificent sites to attract people for leisure.

Sustainable Tourism Action Plan

The region is striving hard to leave imprints in the mind of people by building a strong industry, creating different business opportunities, and driving economic growth.

1. Go Green

Making their environment neat and clean free of any harmful gases and materials by adopting the approach of the clear energy mix of natural gas and solar, reducing carbon emissions, and goal of minimizing water and energy demands by 30% till 2030.

2. Cutting-edge Infrastructure

The Government is working on the strategies for opening the channels of investment for local and global visitors in the construction of amusement parks, hotels, resorts, and restaurants. Because of this, there is an increase of 2.1% per year in hotel constructions, which also includes the luxury hotels in Dubai and hotels in Bur Dubai for encouraging the tourists to travel, spend, stay, and invest.

3. Elevation of Regional Culture

Expo 2020 has a significant contribution in this aspect through the provision of exhibitions, meetings, events, performances, and many other programs to portray the culture of the gulf region correctly. Not only this, the opening of the museum of the future to highlight the focus on technology and Etihad museum to display the history of UAE.

4. Community contribution

To foster the tourism for the visitors, Dubai has a critical role in supporting the community by offering theme parks, amusement places, and resorts that opens up the prospects of 20 million visitors traveling here and 270K new jobs through the considerable amount of investment.

Dubai hotels & Future Prospects

With the developments of latest attractions in Dubai over coming back years - particularly within the space of themed resorts - comes a giant chance for hotel developers. It's no secret that hotels at intervals theme parks expertise higher tenancy and revenue than their town set counterparts as hotels in Bur Dubai.

If park hotels are often engineered with sensible accessibility to some attractions and the park itself, and with each regional and additional abroad traveler in mind, they will virtually be bonded a sturdy pack for several years. Like, Jumeirah Dal Al Mysf, The Atlantic on Palm, Marriot Marquis hotel and especially luxury hotels in Dubai.

The studies highlighted that Dubai's commercial enterprise department had developed a property strategy to confirm the continual development of property tourism. Dubai Tourism's figures for the first five months showed that total international guests reached 7.16 million, same as last year, despite stronger dirham and deceleration regional economic process.

Tourists from antique markets of Asian nations, Asian countries, the United Kingdom, and Russia fell; however, alternative markets paid with a higher range like Germany, Oman, the Philippines, France, and the African nation. Given all the worldwide challenges, experts believe that city has with success custom-made its offerings to draw in a considerable share of leisure travelers, and this can be additionally supported by the excessive numbers of leisure travelers from 2018 and matrix will grow in the future.

Dubai has balanced dynamics for the expansion of its commercial enterprise sector over the succeeding decade due to its readiness, boutique hotels in Dubai, industrial enterprise infrastructure, hotels in Bur Dubai, and other avenues for traveler growth while not straining its urban landscape.


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